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Eyelash Extensions

If you are booking an appointment, you may Schedule Online or call us
at: 518.745.6909.

*Age Policies: You must be at least 18 years old to receive this service.

*A credit card number is required to hold your eyelash appointment.  We require a 24 hour cancellation notice. If you are a no-show you will be charged full price for this service.

*Please read the following information if you are considering lash extensions.


Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the perfect way to enhance the fullness and

length of your lashes by attaching individual extensions to each

natural lash with semi-permanent adhesive. 

If you are interested in booking here are a few things you should



*The day of your appointment do not wear anything on your face, this includes mascara, eye makeup, 

  moisturizer or any kind of serum/oil.

*Do not use a eyelash curler the day of your appointment.


*For long term care, within the first 24 hours do not get your lashes wet. This affects the way the adhesive sets.

*Use a lash comb to untangle your extensions daily.

*After adhesive sets, gently cleanse with water, not soap.

*Avoid any oil products near your lashes.

*Do not pull out or pick your lashes out.

*Do not sleep on your face, if you do you risk losing lashes.

*Silk pillows aid in the longevity of your lashes.

*Do not use a lash curler on your extensions.


$95+ Initial Session

$45 (3 week fill)    $55 (4 week fill)

*Routine fill is every 3-4 weeks

Is a credit card required to reserve my lash appointment and why?


A credit card is asked to reserve appointments in case of a no show. Lash extension appointments are in high demand so we do request a 24 hour cancellation notice if you cannot make your appointment.


Do I have to prepare for my lash appointment?


Yes! We do ask you to come with a bare face, no face makeup or oils such as moisturizers, or face creams.

And please, no eyeshadow or mascara! 


How are they applied, does it hurt?


Not at all! Your eyes will be closed the entire time and most likely it will be the most relaxing part of your day!

They are applied one extension at a time on each individual lash to give you a longer, fuller feel.

Is it recommended to make a refill appointment after the first initial set is applied?


Absolutely! Because lash extensions are so popular and in high demand, we do recommend booking your follow up appointment each time you come in. Otherwise you risk having to have a full set put on.

Can I get my face wet after?


No, we do not recommend getting your lashes wet within 12 hours of your appointment.

How long will they last?

Eyelash extensions will fall out with your natural lash. This process usually takes 3-4 weeks. Our 3 week fill is our most popular option, however you can go to 4 if you still have 50% left at week 3. Once again, if you wait past the 4 week mark, you risk needing a full set.

Can I wear Mascara?

We DO NOT recommend wearing mascara with your extensions. You will risk them falling out due to the oils in mascara. You may wear an extension safe eyeliner if you must. Good news is you wont need mascara with these bad boys!!!!!

Will they damage my natural eyelashes?

No, they will not do any damage as long as you do not pick or pluck them.

Can I exercise or swim?

Of course! Once you have let the adhesive bond for 24 hours, you can go about theses activities as you wish.

The adhesive is waterproof however it does break down over time. We suggest using goggles to avoid chlorine.

As far as exercise, you go girl!

Eeek how do I get them off safely!?

Lash extensions fall off eventually with your natural lashes, but if you require faster assistance call us at 518.745.6909 and one of our trained professionals can remove them.

Frequently Asked Questions